New Dominion filings are 'worst thing for the Fox News empire in years': MSNBC host
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New filings released by Dominion Voting Systems in their $1.6 billion lawsuit against Fox News are a massive problem for the network, as well as for its billionaire owner Rupert Murdoch, MSNBC's Ari Melber reported on Friday.

This comes, Melber said, as Murdoch admitted in testimony that he always knew the election was legitimate, and that, when asked whether he could have removed Rudy Giuliani from the air for claiming on Fox that voting machines "can be hacked," he said, "I could have. But I didn't."

Melber played a brief clip of Giuliani pushing conspiracy theories that vote totals were changed around the country, saying, "the pattern repeats itself in a number of states."

"That is just a sampling," said Melber. "We're not going to give over too much of our air waves showing what is now evidence of defamation to the tune of $1.6 billion against Fox. Now, we told you from the beginning this was a big case. We did not know the evidence was going to be this big. We didn't know some of the hosts and executives kept committing to writing so many things that are incriminating for them. That's why it's big news."

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"Now, if you followed Mr. Murdoch's career ... as a factual matter, you don't get far betting against him," said Melber. "Even when he's down or seemingly out, he finds ways to pivot, and sometimes that means throwing people under the bus. He seems ready and willing to do that here at least with his so-called executive team. Sometimes it means getting rid of famous anchors, which he did with [Lou] Dobbs and which some companies suing Fox feel is a step they knew they were going too far."

"Whether you count Mr. Murdoch out or not, what we're seeing, filing after filing, day after day, is a case where there is so much mounting evidence that if this does get to trial, that might be the worst thing for the Fox News empire and Rupert Murdoch that we've seen in years, and according to the plaintiffs, that would be a very good thing indeed for restoring some standard of truth and accountability in our polarized politics and media at a time when people are trying to literally overthrow the government, commit sedition, and kill innocent Americans in the name of lies that they often heard on Fox News."

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