Cat Cafe Shares 'Criminal History' of their Adoptable Cats and It's Priceless
PetHelpful 2hrs ago

Their biggest crime is stealing our hearts!

We will never get tired of seeing all of the creative and hilarious ways shelters find to draw attention to their adoptable cats. Whether it's a funny post on social media or an innovative way to celebrate their longest residents, we love seeing shelters go out of their way for these adorable felines. 

That's why we love this video posted by TikTok account holder Not only is it hilarious, it also showcases some of the adoptable cats they have looking for their forever homes. The following clip is a total win-win. 

Click here to watch the video.

Okay it's impossible to pick a favorite, but we are totally falling for Whoopsie Daisy, aka Accidental Manslaughter. First of all, TikTok user @Mickey posts, "As a fellow Mickey, I demand Mickey be excused for any and all crimes because they’re just a baby." They are just a baby! @SarahCruz disagrees and says, "Mickey gives off major crime boss energy."@Sugardoes misses the good old days and says, "It ain’t been the same since ClemenCrime retired." @MarieCrosby sweetly adds, "Calypso could have my social security number, I sat next to her for an hour and she has stolen my heart." @Therapy&Pancakes is right there with Calypso and posts, "I relate to Calypso so hard. Like, I'm not gonna do anything. I just like having them." 

Here's hoping all these cat criminals find their forever homes soon! 

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